Our Story

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We wanted to share a little of our story and explain why we are on a mission to help charities tell theirs.

At 16 months old our daughter Isla was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. Overnight our family were thrown into the world of childhood cancer. It was the scariest and most traumatic time of our lives.

During this time, we were supported by amazing charities. Instantly we were provided accommodation across from the hospital. This was invaluable to us at such a vital time as Isla's condition deteriorated rapidly. Unable to breathe on her own, she was intubated and spent a significant amount of time under sedation within the Intensive Care Unit. Having close accommodation meant we could be by her side without our family being separated - including our 4 year old son, Leyton.

We spent months, often confined, within a small cubicle. As charities learned of Isla's struggle, they did all they could to offer us help and support. Everything from snacks on the ward to fun activities. Financial assistance. Safe havens to visit. Emotional support. Gifts for the kids. The list is endless.

Isla continued her battle and reached a point within her treatment where she required Proton Radiation Therapy. This would require our family to relocate 4,000 miles to Jacksonville for 2 months. Aided enormously by charities, from grants to accommodation, we were able to maximise the few days before her treatment started.

Where it is undeniable charities helped us cope through our darkest days - it is equally true each charity was helping many other families in similar situations. Our story is sadly one of many. After receiving so much support from so many charities, we learned about their own journeys - many suffering terrible heartache.

It is now our time to give something back. Time for us to help those dedicating their lives to helping others. To help them share stories of all the good they do.

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— The Cairns Family

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